Why Us?

This “Why Us” page has changed so many times since the beginning of this blog. I originally felt Jake and I felt being led to move Guatemala. However, after spending  weeks there, we realized that was not the case, but we did feel led to move out of Florida.

We now find ourselves in Thomasville, Alabama. How, you ask? The short answer is because that is where we felt God was calling us and how things have fallen into place since we moved on Labor Day weekend, we have no doubt we are where He wants us to be.

Now, back to the “why us” question…the only answer I have right now is because we were willing to. We are not better than anyone else (I often think I am far worse than everybody else), but we were willing to go when we felt God telling us to! And if the direction we went wasn’t exactly where He was leading, He still Blessed it, I believe, because at least we moved!!

Again, I am not saying I am better than anyone nor believe I have this direct link to God, but I can without shame say, I listen for His voice and seek His hand in everything. So, when I believe it is Him speaking, I go. And in turn, I have stopped asking “why us” and instead ask “where to next”.


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