I thought you were moving to Guatemala?

Well, I thought so, too. As it turns out Jake and I spent 8 amazing, life-changing weeks instead and have since moved to Thomasville, AL.

Do you still believe God was calling you to move to Guatemala?

I do believe God was calling us to move…since we were going to Guatemala, I assumed it would be there. However, having our hearts set to move Guatemala and actively seeking His direction allowed us to know that Alabama was where He was leading us.

Why Thomasville, Alabama?

While in Guatemala, and asking God to prepare us for our transition back to the U.S., a group from Thomasville Baptist Church came to the same town we were living in, Zacapa. Our hosts, the Medina family, were also their main contact and they needed additional translators, so I was volunteered.  The 6 days spent with them were life changing for me, but more for Jake. As the week progressed, we felt more and more like moving to Thomasville would be good for us.

When did you move?

We returned to Florida from Guatemala on Wednesday, August 8, stayed with some friends until we made the 10-hour trip on Friday, August 31 to Tville.

What are you doing there?

Jake is in the 9th grade at Thomasville High School and I was a caregiver for an elderly couple who have since passed away. I am now the secretary for Pineview Baptist Church and the Post Abortion Recovery Facilitator at the Alpha Women’s Resource Center.

How long do you plan on living there?

As long as God wants us here. In the meantime, we will plan like we are here forever!

How are you and Jake adjusting?

Thomasville, Alabama is definitely not Tampa Bay, Florida! It is an extremely small town (8.8 sq miles, population of approximately 4,300). Closest anything (mall, movie theater, supermarket, etc.) is about 100 miles away, but we have been welcomed with open arms. And Jake is now known more than I am…I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Do you plan on going back to Guatemala?

If it was up to me, I would move to Guatemala in a heartbeat, but I do not believe Jake would like it nor do I believe it is what the Lord wants for us at this time. I do hope, however, to return as often as possible for shorter trips.


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